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German cannabis legalization bill unveiled (July 7, 2023)

NE medical marijuana ballot push; Threads app pushes treatment for “marijuana” searches; PA legalization measure; Congressional psychedelics caucus



Nebraska activists launched a signature gathering drive to qualify two medical cannabis initiatives for the 2024 ballot.

Germany’s Ministry of Health is circulating a draft bill to enact the first part of the government’s marijuana legalization plan. After receiving feedback the proposal is expected to be approved by the cabinet next month.

Congressional Psychedelics Advancing Therapies Caucus Co-chairs Rep. Lou Correa (D-CA) and Jack Bergman (R-MI) are cheering the Food and Drug Administration’s new psychedelics research guidance.

Bipartisan Pennsylvania senators filed a new marijuana legalization bill.

Threads, the new Meta-owned social media app, flashes a warning asking users if they would like help accessing drug treatment resources from a federal agency when they search for “marijuana” or “psilocybin”—but not “alcohol” or “tobacco.”

Former federal prisoner Weldon Angelos is calling on the Biden administration to fully deschedule cannabis, arguing in a new Marijuana Moment op-ed that mere rescheduling would not “truly address the inequities” caused by prohibition.


The cocaine found in the White House was reportedly in a different location than initially reported.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s Center for Substance Abuse Prevention has a new director.

Sen. John Hickenlooper (D-CO) tweeted, “Most legal cannabis stores have to operate in all-cash, leading to threats of robbery. Our SAFE Banking Act will change that by finally granting them access to banking services. This bill has passed the House many times, now it’s up to the Senate to get it over the finish line!”

Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Jack Berman (R-MI), Lou Correa (D-CA), Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) and Matt Gaetz (R-FL) discussed their support for psychedelics policy reform.

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) cheered federal warnings on some delta-8 THC products, tweeting, “I’m glad the @FTC is helping protect unsuspecting consumers, especially our kids. I strongly support the federal legalization of marijuana & am proud to live in Illinois where adult cannabis use is permitted. But we MUST ensure companies don’t mislead consumers or target kids.”


New York Gov. Kathy Hochul’s (D) administration reportedly put regulators’ plans for marijuana farmers markets on hold.

West Virginia’s attorney general said he opposes legalizing marijuana but acknowledged the right of states to set their own laws.

Massachusetts’s attorney general is seeking applicants to serve on the Cannabis Advisory Board.

An Indiana representative who has championed marijuana reform efforts was found to have cannabis metabolites in his system following a drunk driving crash from which he fled.

California’s top marijuana regulator tweeted, “PROGRESS: California courts have sealed 206,052 – or 90% – of cannabis cases deemed eligible for resentenced or dismissal under Prop 64.”

Minnesota’s medical cannabis program added irritable bowel syndrome and obsessive-compulsive disorder as qualifying conditions.

An Alabama company that was selected to receive a medical cannabis license is seeking to join regulators as a defendant in a lawsuit filed by other firms that are challenging the award process.

Michigan regulators took disciplinary action against a marijuana processing business over alleged violations.

Virginia laws changing various medical cannabis rules took effect.

Alaska regulators will consider changes to hemp rules on Monday.


The Berkeley, California City Council is expected to consider a psychedelics enforcement deprioritization measure on Tuesday.


The European Pharmacopoeia Commission adopted monographs on cannabis flower and CBD.

UK lawmakers filed a motion for general practitioners to have the same rights to prescribe medical cannabis as specialist doctors.


A study indicated that “CBD could be a useful option to treat noise-induced fear that is a significant concern for a number of cat owners.”

The journal Clinical Therapeutics published a specialty issue on cannabis.


The Democratic Governors Association tweeted, “Thanks to Gov. Moore’s signature, recreational cannabis is now legal for adults in Maryland!”

ACLU of Hawaii and Last Prisoner Project staffers co-authored an op-ed calling on Hawaii Gov. Josh Green (D) to step up cannabis clemency efforts.


Mondelez International subsidiary sent cease and desist letters to cannabis cultivators who are growing strains with “Oreoz” in the name.

Cronos Group Inc. is reportedly exploring a potential sale.

Cookies founders and executives are being sued by SeedJunky parent company H n V Holdings.

Growpacker workers in San Bernardino, California organized with Teamsters Local 1932.

COMPASS Pathways plc entered into a term loan agreement with Hercules Capital, Inc .for up to $50 million.

Illinois retailers sold $136.4 million worth of recreational marijuana in June, with medical cannabis sales coming in at $29.7 million.